Safety Measures to manage the risk of COVID transmission

Social distancing during meetings: Encourage members to maintain social distancing wherever possible.
Hygiene of people: Hand sanitiser will be made available for members to use throughout sessions.
Hygiene of premises (including toilets): Hybrids HQ is being used by Totterdown Preschool on a daily basis. At the end of each day prior to a Hybrids meeting, the Preschool will clean and disinfect all equipment, surfaces and toilets. Where Hybrids hold an activity in the hut, then all equipment, surfaces and toilets used will be disinfected after the session. Cleaning equipment will be available to leaders with safe storage.
Use of outdoor spaces: Choice of location appropriate to activity, briefing to leaders and young people on boundaries, checks on the location ahead of use by leaders.  Personal hygiene controls (i.e. use of hand sanitiser) to be followed.
First aid: First aid kit to be supplemented with additional personal protective equipment including face coverings/visors and disposable gloves.  Where possible, anyone requiring first aid will be supported to treat themselves, but where contact is required face coverings and gloves to be worn by all parties involved where possible.
Infection: Prior notification to Explorers and parents/guardians with clear expectations via normal email communications methods (e.g. email, Website).  All members advised not to attend face to face meetings if they or anyone they live with or have come into contact with has exhibited any symptoms in the last 10 days and to follow government advice regarding testing, self-isolation and engagement with the Test and Trace service.  Contact details and registers of all people in attendance at any face to face meetings to be maintained in line with UK Test and Trace guidance to enable engagement with the service if required.
Compliance with Scout HQ guidance and other requirements: All leaders will be asked to read and stay up to date with guidance available on the Scout website regarding COVID.  Parental permission to return to face to face scouting will be obtained and recorded via Google Forms to enable swift and effective collection and documentation to support accurate and up to date record keeping in line with HQ requirements and GDPR.  All adult volunteers will be up to date on Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL).

COVID-19 Latest: inline with the latest government guidance, Scouting in England is now at Green status. This means that all activities can resume, although we are still taking measures to ensure we manage the risk of transmission of COVID. Click here to see the measures currently in place to keep COVID safe.

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