Data Protection Form

DATA PROTECTION Personal data regarding you and your child, whilst they are in Scouting, will be held and used in accordance with applicable Data Protection legislation. In particular:  Personal data will only be collected and used for the purpose of activities directly relating to Scouting and/or a person’s Membership or association with Scouting.  No information will be sold or otherwise transferred to any party outside the Scout Association and will only be shared in compliance with the rules of the Scout Association and the law.  All information will be kept as accurate and up-to-date as possible for the purposes for which it is being held. Please advise your child’s leader of any material changes.  The information will be kept securely, either electronically or in hardcopy, and prevented from being used in any unauthorised or unlawful way.  Where information is stored electronically, this may be within online ‘cloud’ storage services which may result in data being stored outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).  The information will be securely destroyed and/or deleted when no longer required.  Individuals can request a copy of their personal data by making a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the relevant Group, District, County, Country or National Headquarters. Photography and VIDEO Recording On occasions, photographs, videos and audio recordings may be taken of youth members taking part in Scouting activities. Such records may be submitted to local newspapers, the Group, District or County newsletters, websites or put on display for the sole purpose of promoting Scouting. We will never provide the names of any young person when using any of the above media, without the express permission of the parents, in writing.

If you DO NOT wish images of your son/daughter to be used for any purpose, in connection with Scouting please complete the form below.