Night Hike


You MUST pay in advance of the event. We cannot take payment after, or at the event. 

Details below


*you must bring the form attached to the calendar, filled in, with you* 
It is a generic form but please be as accurate as possible. Feel free to go into detail on the back. you must give a contact number that you will answer.
Cost £5pp please follow link:

Drop off at the Hut: 1930   19/10/18

Hiking from the hut to Garner’s Field:

Pickup is at 0900 Saturday morning  20/10/18

Ed Schofield 07887 858 208
Aidan Breedt 07415 259 084
Kirsty Filewood
Mike Baxter (visiting)
We will be supplying maps and compasses.
The scouts will be responsible for supplying their own appropriate food/tent/equipment etc.
We have covered the details of this over two Friday meetings.
If you need to borrow tents/equipment we have a limited supply in the hut, and you will be welcome to help yourselves. Bare in mind that you must carry everything with you (except water).
You must make sure that you fill in the form in full including emergency contact information and supply up to date medical information. Any additional meds can be given to the leaders in case of emergency. It is your responsibility to make sure we are aware.


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