Young Person Information Form

This form is aimed to assist in the collecting of information regarding young people under 18 years of age, who are looking to join Scouting.

The form is designed so that the information is collected in the correct order to help with the inputting of information onto Compass, The Scout Association’s online membership system.

New members of Scout Network who are also new to Scouting should complete the Adult Information Form.

Those young people aged 14 years and over should complete the Communications Preferences section and sign the form.

Parents/guardians must complete this form, and Tick the consent box at the bottom.

Personal data will be stored on the system to support the application process and current and potential future involvement in Scouting. Some information is considered sensitive personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998 and as such will be managed as required under the act. Further information can be found at Parents/guardians will be able to edit their own and their child’s data on Compass; and young people can edit their own details. Communications The Scout Association will not sell or promote products to those under 14 years of age. All communications to those under 14 will also be sent to parents/guardians. Ethnicity and Religious Information This information is requested by The Scout Association to help in monitoring its membership. The data will help the Association in understanding the makeup of the membership; monitoring progress against its inclusivity objective, and prioritising development work both nationally and locally, and will identify and help Leaders meet any specific needs of individuals. You can update the personal information on Compass, after registering, at any time. Once the information has been added to Compass, this form will not be retained.